beard book
Beards That I Have Known features stitches Diana Bosworth has used on beards for Petei Santas.  Color photos of each beard along with stitch diagrams.
The Needlepoint book
The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen is referred to as the needlepoint 'bible'.  Many different stitches are illustrated with photos and stitch diagrams.  Note: We send these books to a printer and have them cut off the spine and spiral bind each book so it will lay flat while you are stitching.
how to needlepoint
How to Needlepoint is published by TNNA.  Basic guide to needlepoint with a few decorative stitches.
np in nest
np in nest
Stitch Landscape and Stitch Ins & Outs  by Little Shoppe Canvas Company.  These books are full of uniquely creative stitches with suggestions of where to use them.  Small size for easy traveling.
np in nest
np in nest
Desert Island Stitches by Carole Lake & Michael Boren.

Take-Along Idea Books
Volume 1 has ideas for small spaces.
Volume 2 has ideas for creative borders
new twists
stitches to go
These twp books are by Carolyn Hedge Baird.

Needlepointing in your Nest    Fun and informative book with many techniques and stitches illustrated and described.  Beautiful cover photo!

Teeny Tiny Needlepoint Stitches has numerous stitches that will be perfect for that small space on your canvas.  Great size for traveling!
np in nest
Spooky Stitches  by June McKnight.  This pocket-sized book has wonderful, scary stitches for your favorite Halloween canvas!

Got Stitches? by Gone Stitching features Multi-Layered Stitches for Needlepoint.
np in nest
stitches for effect

more stitches for effect
even more stitches for effect
new twists
stitches to go
These five books are by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson.  The Stitches for Effect series have stitch diagrams with suggested uses and threads. 

Stitches to Go is a condensation of the three books with stitch diagrams only - great for traveling!

New Twists on Needlework Embellishment has many new ways to embellish your needlework.  Color photos and instructions are included.
darn stitches

lite stitches
mini stitches
small stitches
surprize stitches
portable stitches
portable II
By SuZy Murphy, these books are filled with stitch diagrams, color plates of the stitches, and SuZy's humor.  A fun read!

Portable Stitches is a condensation of Suzy's Small Stitches and SuZy's SurpriZe StitchesPortable Stitches II is a condensation of Suzy's Lite Stitches and SuZy's Mini Stitches.  They have stitch diagrams only and are smaller in size for traveling.

zimmerman volume 1

zimmerman volume 2
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Canvas Embroidery by Jane Zimmerman.  Volume One has 385 variations of Mosaic, Cashmere, Scotch, Gobelin, Eyelet, and Plaited Stitches.  Volume Two has 433 variations of Diagonal, Crossed, Woven, Tied, and Miscellaneous Stitches.  The two volumes "offer the most comprehensive collection of stitch variations and composite patterns ever written for needlepoint."

zimmerman volume 1

zimmerman volume 2
Small Book Series by Jane Zimmerman.  Small size makes them great for travel.  Volume 1 features Background Stitches and Volume 2 features Laid & Layered Fillings.  More volumes to come!


stitches 2
Stitches Volume 1 and 2 compiled by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky
These 2 volumes contain over 600 stitches that are also available in CD format.